What you wear can make a difference!

by: Rachael Dickhute

We are a BIG fan of the fabulous Ms. Rachael Dickhute! Check out her post here about making a difference with your style.
Take a stand with your style!
Bullying is a huge issue in school, adolescents, young professionals and even with adults. For young girls, self esteem issues arise as early as grade school Between social media influences, hardships of school and current icons, young adults have pressures that most of us never even dealt with. Social concerns gain awareness through twitter and Facebook, but they are also breeding and get increasingly worse as they get older. platforms for uncensored bullying.
As a blogger, I know all to well about not being able to censor disapproving comments as well as living an all too social and public life, open to scrutiny. So I am joining the cause and the campaign with Compassion Brands for Anti Bully. I styled my Compassion Brands Anti Bully necklace with edge in mind with my Markkit moto jacket and Hudson jeans. Maintaining your identity gives you an edge, a style you can own.
Compassion brands consists of socially conscious brands who believe in empowering and enlightening on the issues that plague our youth. Help me spread the word against bullying by promoting the cause with #compassion at @AntiBullyInfo

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