Hollywood & fashion tips from an LA blogger!

We sat down with the beautiful Rachael Dickhute over the weekend to hear her story about developing fashion blog: Everything Hauler.

I hope you enjoy!! =)
1. What makes you feel accomplishment?
“IF I can answer all my emails. (laugh) If i can get all my emails done and a post successfully up on the site. If I can reach more people through my blog and my marketing efforts. Expand my demographic.
Getting feedback from my readers… when they engage it is direct success.”
2. What excites you most about each of the many things you are doing?
I think the most exciting part for me is seeing the success and seeing where it could go. I love to think futuristic. I always ask myself, am I taking the necessary steps?
When I talk to other bloggers or they like what [I am] doing. If they want to pick your brain they want to do what you doing… you are on the right track.
Recently at an event, I had a lady come up to me asking how blogging has affected the buying industry.  Later a brand reached out to me asking her opinion about next sunglass collection. It is exciting to see how the blogging industry is affecting everything.
3. What’s the one thing you hate doing to get ready?
My makeup.  I don’t wear it a lot. I like to have a fresh face and give myself a day to rest.
4. Any scoop on your dating life that you can dish on?
I have realized the more honest you are with yourself and the more realistic you can be with yourself the better.  This is something you have to dig deep to figure out.  You realize what you can give and what you can’t, it makes dating easier.
5.  What are your top 3 fashion tips for the ladies in Hollywood?
       1. Buy smart. Buy quality over quanity. Not everyone can afford barneys, but if you invest in a $50 t-shirt. it will last longer and look  better than the $10 t-shirt.
       2. Dress appropriate for your shape. Really know your shape. You don’t need a stylist, you can do it on your own. But, if something doesn’t fit right, you are not going to feel comfortable in it.
       3. Always aspire. When you see something in Vouge, no one is saying you cant have that style now. It doesnt have to be designer [and expensive]. It can be recreation at another department store. Tear the sheet out of the magazine and take it to the department store.
6. What does it take to live your DreamLife in Hollywood? Any advice you can give?
It is never too early nor too late to start doing what you love. From high school I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry so I relocated. I went to a fashion college and began working at it.
My advice, go for it. If it doesn’t work you will know soon enough.The road to success is not straigh. It is curvy and has U-turns. You just have to keep going.
I knew when I was working a 9-5 fashion job that if i take my foot off the gas pedal [in my dreams] right now, I wont go anywhere. You can’t put 120 into everything. Commit to one thing and give everything you have to it.
7. Is it hard to balance the glitz and glam of the industry with everyday life? 
No, that is my everyday life. In terms of balancing, it can be difficult. I just have to accept that it is my life. I can’t just have a cup of coffee… I have to pour my coffee in the best mug, have the best background, make sure my nails are manicured, and then stand on my chair and take an aerial shot. It cannot just be my morning cup of coffee…
That’s my life. If you truly knew how I staged that cup of coffee or my Chanel lipstick as it perfectly falls out of my bag… yeah, you would laugh.

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