What to buy the boyfriend …

My man’s birthday is right around the corner, and I naturally stress about what to get him.  

Are you always wondering what to buy your boyfriend?  

When my man wants something he goes and buys it immediately. I remember having the perfect gift idea for him for Christmas last year, just to be upstaged when he bought it a week before.  Really!? Who shops for themselves during the Holiday Season? #stress

Well, all of my stress has (hopefully) paid off for you … Because I am sharing my guy gift guide for that hottie in your life …

I had to think outside the box when I put this together …

I basically asked myself, “What are all the things he loves the most?”.

First off, I went for the romantic, sexy side with a lingerie piece from Affinitas. #EnoughSaid! (Wink, wink)

Then, I got a little creative on the experience.  I’ve planned out a late night picnic in our bedroom floor with fondue, chocolate, and sparkling cider. 

Another reason I chose this product is because they support the No Kid Hungry Organization.   
Next, I grabbed UP 24 by Jawbone. This is an incredible piece if you are looking for ways to stay healthy, monitoring your sleep, steps, food, etc. 

I was actually amazed when I read about it. It even has an idle alarm clock that vibrates to wake you up in the morning. 

I might be borrowing this from him! Haha!


I wanted to give him something that felt like a normal gift too. You know, everyone gives that something that they know the other person needs …

Well, that something was a new wallet by Tommy Hilfiger. I loved their options because they are affordable, edgy, and on sale right now!

Lastly, I grabbed him a workout video by LALO Fit.  I met Lalo at a GBK Gifting Lounge I attended during the award show season, and I was amazed at his energy! He helped me do a couple moves to get my booty lifted (another gift for my hubby!!). 

The only thing I’m nervous about … Is that I might have grabbed the Español verison! Haha, oops!

Okay! There you have it. I am sharing the secrets to what to buy my husband for his birthday! I hope it helps you with your gift guide.   

Oh, and please pray my man doesn’t read this blog post. Hahah!

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