What on earth is a DreamList?

by: Rachel McCord

I know it sounds a little crazy, but we know from personal experience that you can live your DreamLife with 4 easy steps:
1. Dream it.  This happens when you create a legitimate list (DreamList), where you attach photos of everything you really want. The house, the car, the job, the family, the Life… If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
Insider Tip Alert: Watch our video for help on how to create one!
2. Plan it. This is where the real fun stuff happens! This is where you can be strategic and think through a world of possibilities to determine which path to take (grab your Steve Jobs hat, people!). It is 80% planning, 20% doing. Now is DEFINITELY the time to put on a #PillowParty with your girlfriends to brainstorm. And, guess what?  Insider Tip Alert: We can help you with this! Just send us a note and we can schedule a complimentary coaching session!
3. Prepare. This is where we need to claim our power and improve our Life. We need to believe we are worth it. This comes through positive thinking techniques and by aligning ourselves with love. You can do it!
4. Start moving. When we step out in faith, incredible things happens… Life catches up. So, now is your time to step out on that magical path and watch the road appear in front of you! Insider Tip Alert: The key is to release the “can nots” and “have nots“. You have it all. You can do anything. Check out this video for some inspirational positive affirmations!
What is the most important thing on your DreamList?  Are you now in the know? Let us know in the comments below.
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