What does it mean to live the red carpet?

Why do we believe that we are inadequate?

What happened to us on the way to walking towards our dreams that made us believe we were unworthy?

We are amazing beings with such incredible purpose, but so many of us (myself included) feel like our dream life is out of our reach.

What we believe becomes true for us. If we believe that we can live the red carpet when we are wearing sweatpants at Trader Joes or in a Winnie Couture evening gown at a charity gala, we have finally got the concept of what it means to live the red carpet.

It starts within.

If we feel so self accepted and loved from the inside, we are living the life that we witness and experience on a red carpet.

The glitz and glamour we experience a few times a week as people yell our name desperate for a red carpet photo feels good because in that moment we feel important. Validated. Desired. Beautiful.

The key to living the red carpet is choosing to feel important, validated, desired, and beautiful everyday. In every moment.

We don’t need an evening gown or paparazzi stalker to feel that.

You can feel it in Georgia walking your dogs in the park, or in Kansas walking the square.

Sure, rocking a dress that feels so amazing you want to sleep in it is an epic feeling




Or in my case, one you love so much you choose to watch Grey’s Anatomy in it …

Everyone should experience that. 🙂

But, more importantly, we should all experience a self love so deep that our inner lives are enriched and glamorous no matter what we wear, do, say, think, or feel.

You are lovable because you exist. You don’t need four-inch Christian Louboutins to be lovable. 🙂

What do you struggle with to live the red carpet in your heart? Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comment below!