West Hollywood: Romantic Restaurant for Valentines Day + 7 Conversation Starters!

Ricky and I had the best, pre-Valentines Day dining experience at Tart on Fairfax in West Hollywood. 


Cozied up under the streaming lights of the outdoor patio at Tart, we sipped and ate the night away!

We were tasting the custom Valentines Day 2016 menu, as prepared by Executive Chef (and super talented) Keith. 

Here is a sneak peak at the menu:  

At $65 flat rate per person, you can easily predict what you will be spending on this incredible four-course meal. 

Prepared with an artistic eye for plated presentation and flavorful ingredient combinations, Tart presents a unique balance between fine dining tastes and casual-romantic restaurant ambiance.    

The outdoor seating is definitely my favorite, but don’t count out the indoor speakeasy design, complete with a sexy design and direct views of the mixologists. 

With careful consideration i. paring of the first course, we were served a delicious cocktail uniquely named “My Bloody Valentine“.

Complete with a sugar rim, shot of vodka and splashes of peach, real cranberry and sweet ‘n sour.   

Diving right into the food … The first-course offered choices of Honey-glaze pot belly (which was AMAZING), BBQ shrimp cocktail and the yellow corn griddle cakes (another favorite of mine). 

Again with the presentation … I was in Instagram “food porn” heaven!

The second-course was a choice between the flavorful Lobster Chowder or the Wedge lettuce salad. 

The third-course offered vegetarian, fish, poultry and red meat options. 

 My favorites are in the following order:

1) Crispy skin white fish  
 2) Deep fried quail

3) Cowboy crusted N.Y. strip  
 4) Chef blend mushroom sorghum “risotto”

The food was unbelievable. Ricky and I were taking turns with the “Ahhs!”.

And, just when we thought our night couldn’t get any better … They started with desserts …   

To be honest, the EPIC bread pudding deserves it’s own blog post … And this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like bread pudding. 

This one, however, is worth the trip all on its own.  With bursts of melted chocolate, carmelized banana and ice cream … It will literally blow your mind. 

 They serve a dessert wine from the bar which is comparable to moscato, and I highly recommend it as a paring with your final course. 

Finally, last but certainly not least, the option of a buttermilk panna cotta

With a special adjustment to accommodate a Valentines Day option, they served this fresh dessert with tangerines instead of their normal paring of berries. 

 It is even served in this adorable teacup! Adorable! 🙂

If you are looking for a completely delicious and romantic restaurant in West Hollywood for Valentines Day, this is your spot!


Tart 115 S Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles 323-556-2608 

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1. My funniest memory of us is when …

2. I feel you love me the most when you …

3. The happiest you have ever been was …

4. I remember thinking I was strong when I was young because I …

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7. My greatest need right now as a man/woman is to …

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