Travel: The Best Place to Stay in the Philippines

Today, I am sharing an amazing hotel to consider on your short list of luxury hotels in Boracay, Philippines that is convenient to shopping, dining and all things fabulous!

I mean, if you are going to visit Boracay, you need to know where to stay! Mandala Spa and Villas definitely exceeded my expectations.

Mandala Spa and Resort Villa’s Location:
Station 3, Barangay Manoc-Manoc
Boracay Island
Malay Aklan, Philippines 5608

I was greeted by their very friendly hotel staff and waited for their Consulting Director for Brand Marketing & PR, who personally met me to give me a tour of the whole hotel.

best hotel Philippines

best hotel Philippines

I stayed in the Garden Villa, a special and fully equipped room – a king sized bed, one TV, a lounge/living room area, a working area, a private garden, and an exquisite bathroom (with supplies from the Mandala Spa). There’s a minibar, also equipment to prepare your coffee or tea, and store food for eating. Room has good wifi too which allowed me to work properly during my stay.

I had a fabulous stay. The space was so beautiful I could have stayed in the room if I wanted to (although I love the outdoors too much for that). The room was fully equipped with all I needed (and more) hotel Philippines

Am I the only one who thinks that’s fabulous?  I didn’t think so!

best hotel Philippines

best hotel Philippines

Prana, their on-site restaurant was amazing, too.

best place to eat Philippines best place to eat Philippines best place to eat Philippines

best place to eat Philippines
Mandala Spa / Boracay 16.1.24-28

Do I recommend Mandala Spa and Resort Villas?

It would be an understatement to say that I enjoyed my stay with Mandala Spa and Villas. My experience was perfect. The people were all lovely and accommodating, and the service and amenities just top class. If you are hoping to have a romantic celebration, a time-off for yourself, with your loved-one of your family, or enjoying Boracay, Mandala is seriously one of the best options you definitely need to look at. I definitely loved every moment I spent with them.

best place to stay Philippines best place to stay Philippines best place to stay Philippines

For more details about Mandala Spa and Resort Villas make sure to check out their official website, and find out more detailed information of what you can enjoy when staying with them. Check them out on social too and connect with them: Instagram — @mandalaspaandvillas