Top styling tips from The McCord List

STYLE. Such a fun word, isn’t it? It can mean so many different things to so many different people. 
Let’s be honest… some people’s fashion is… well, different.  Either way you spin it, fashion is a passion of ours!
Confession: We express ourselves honestly through style. If someone in the office is in a mood, they are using coming in rocking black. After the perfect date, pink.
Today, we want to help you rock a style that is true to you. 
Here are our 5 tips for successful styling:
1. Think outside the box. Don’t fall in a fashion stump. Take a look at the fashion around you. What outfit have you been inspired by but too shy to try? Maybe its time?
2. Mix and match. Try mixing loose fitting with tight fitting pieces. I love it when I see a long, flowing shirt with some tight jeans of leggings or a pair of baggy pants with a tight blouse. It is, however, not always cute to do both together. Sorry!
3. Dress in what makes you feel the most comfortable… and, I am not talking sweatpants. I mean, show off what you are comfortable with. When we push the limit too much, we can sometimes end up feeling uncomfortable all day. Oops!
4. Don’t be afraid to be FABULOUS! We posted a video on this subject recently. When we feel insecure, so many of us try to lay low… under the radar. Being fabulous is not about being obnoxious. It is important to feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin. If you need style advice, you are always invited to ask!
5. Dress within your budget. So many blogs will tell you to go out and buy the latest greatest of everything. While we know there that there are some incredible pieces to grab that can rock your wardrobe, you don’t have to break the bank in the process.  We encourage you to shop within your means. You can find amazing deals and options everywhere. Make it your goal to find the look for less! After all, less is more!
Are you now in the know? Tell us in your comments below!
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