Top 3 tips to travel style & a giveaway!

By: Rachel McCord.

As a girl who travels every week, I can honestly say I have mastered the concept of carry-on luggage (that I feel cute in). It was no easy feat, I must add, but once learned, I could never check another bag again! Curious about my top three tips to fashion in every city (without checking your Louis Vuitton keepall)? Read on!
1. Choose three pairs of shoes that will work for every outfit you bring, and make that your limit. I know, decisions, decisions! It might be hard to narrow it down at first, but it is definitely do-able. I always wear my bulky shoes (with socks) on the airplane. Nobody likes a foot fungus, compliments of the thousands of barefoot travelers from around the world who step on the X-Ray machine. And, yes, I am admitting to my germ-a-phobia side, but you would have one too if you didn’t have a schedule that allowed for a week of Gatorade and Gossip Girl binge watching.

(These are my riding boots for rainy weather, the substitute for heels, when necessary)
The three shoes I usually take include: 1 pair of heels (I know, I know, only one is insanity),

1 pair of sandals

and 1 pair of ballet flats.


2. Plan out the entire outfits. Every time (and I mean every time) I have ever tried to skimp on this one (whether I am distractedly chatting it up with my mom or just in a rush), I ALWAYS regret it! This is a light traveller’s MUST-DO.


3. Consider the accessories you have in your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with all the outfits you are bringing (it’s easiest to do this last, when you have all your outfits laid out).


Now, before you run into your closet to begin the process of elimination, sign up here for a chance to win our $25 giveaway at Forever 21. You may walk away with some fun pieces to throw into your MUST-HAVES bag!

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