Top 3 tips to live #likeaboss!

By: Rachel McCord.

I had the best night last night! It started with a super productive day, which turned into a super productive meeting, which turned into a super productive event!
I went home with an extra jump into step!

Here is what I learned:

1. Don’t let fear keep you down. I get nervous when I go to social “networking” events. I feel the pressure to power connect, when I would much rather curl up on a couch with a glass of wine and become best friends with each person I love.

I call myself the “power middle” – not the type to start the convo or close the deal, but really great at chatting it up when it feels right.

If this sounds like you, I encourage you to:
• take a deep breath
• call a friend for encouragement
• and then walk in there and “turn it on”, knowing you can leave at any point

That brings me to:

2. Turn it on. I know, “It sounds much easier than it is”, but you can definitely do it! Hey! I believe in ya!

This is the part where you remind yourself that you are already there. You do not need to achieve anything else to be a #boss!

Give yourself some credit! You are obviously taking a HUGE step by having something (a dream, career, blog, talent) that you are networking, so you’ve already done the hard work of figuring that out … are you not more than capable to now share that with the world?

If you are still thinking, “Um, no!”, excuse yourself to the bathroom, look in the mirror and remind yourself:
I am incredible!
I am a go-getter, and I am gettin it! 🙂
this evening does not define me. I can mess up and it’s okay!
I look #likeaboss!

3. Look like a boss! How you feel on the inside always creates the outside, however, when we feel (on the inside) how awesome we look (on the outside), we begin to move with confidence that shows!
So, text a friend or send me a pic of your outfit @TheMcCordList, and get the bestie’s nod of approval, then go live the red carpet in every meeting/event/conversation!

#Likeaboss! 🙂