Top 3 Fashion Tips from designer, Maxime Jacquet

Rachel McCord interviews Maxime Jacquet!
We JUST left the set of Hollyscoop in Hollywood, where we shared the Downlow on celebrity style, romance, and… selfies? Tune into to their site for local listings. Ps, We totally felt like an infomercial saying “check your local…”.
On set, we met the most fabulous guy. His name is Maxime Jacquet, and he is incredible. We hit it off immediately, as he discussed his upcoming show: House of Max, which begins filming in June for MTV.  Rocking this outfit, you can expect he will be stealing (his own) show!
Loving his European, well, fabulousness, we had to ask his Top 3 style tips! Here you go!
1. You need a great handbag. “Even if you go naked, you need a fabulous handbag” #QuoteOfTheDay… Sisters, do not try this at home! =)
2. Accessorize what you wear. “This helps dress up any outfit, especially jeans and a t-shirt.”
3. Always choose colors that suit your skin tone.  The reality is, one color does not fit all. **Look for a post on how to do this coming up!

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