The top 6 tips to rocking your photo shoot!

by: Rachel McCord
I had a photo shoot over the weekend with my favorite photographer, Kelly. We have worked together many times, so I feel incredibly comfortable with her.  However, it hasn’t always been that way. The reality is that I used to be very nervous working with her. In fact, I often still catch myself feeling the nerves when arriving at a red carpet event or working with a new photographer.
That inspired today’s posts on the top 6 to rocking your photo shoot:
1. Play your favorite playlist. As a model or talent, the shoot really is all about YOU! So, request to play some music to get you in the mood.
2. Dance! It loosens you up and helps relieve any stiffness (that would certainly show up in pics).
3. Be goofy! I have never been on a photo shoot where I didn’t get some hilarious pics goofing off and making faces at the camera… the result? I get the best, authentic laughing shots after!
4. Think INCREDIBLY positive thoughts about yourself. That’s right, the ones that you don’t people to hear: “I am SO gorgeous” “Beautiful” “This is perfect”. Trust me, it works! What you think in your mind shows on your face.
5. Keep moving. Often times, we think a look is amazing so we hold it, and then hold it some more. Photographers are snapping photos constantly, so make slight edits and tilts to your pose for that one shot that blows the others out of the park.
6. Understand the power of Photoshop. We are not perfect so the photos will take will not automatically be either. Leave that to the pros. And, remember, our quirks make us uniquely beautiful. Madonna has a space between her teeth, but it is unique. I have a large nose… that’s right, I admit it! But, it gives me a strong look. What do you need to accept about yourself today?
That’s all for today!! Keep embracing your beautiful self! xo
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