The Real 411 On Dealing With Crazy People

Not your circus, not your monkeys!

Who here has some crazy people around them? I’m the queen of crazy. So, unfortunately, I am constantly trying to avoid the outbreaks.  

At first I didn’t realize how draining it could be dealing with people who seem to thrive on drama. But, once I noticed, it was time to separate to regulate

Once you get away from the craziness, you need to regulate your lifestyle. Vent, breathe, journal, and laugh. 

Laugh? Yep! You have to find the humor in it. Just imagine the crazy being a circus. Literally, a circus. If you can’t avoid the crazies forever, you need to know what and how you deal with it. 

When you go to the circus, you expect monkeys running around in circles and clowns saying weird things. So, when you visit crazy people, you just need to understand that you are walking into a circus, but that it’s not your circus and these are not your monkeys. It’s truly that simple. After a month or so of implementing this system, you will be surprised at how easy it is to spot the crazy antics. 

Misery loves company. So, if you are being picked on by the circus it is a good sign, it means they are noticing the separation. You are doing something right. 

Don’t be confused, I am not here to put down anyone. Especially not that crazy cousin of yours, I just want you to feel empowered to set some healthy boundaries in your life and not get caught up in the circles. 

That means when going to the circus (your crazy cousin’s house) it doesn’t make you a clown (crazy), and you shouldn’t expect normal from a circus. 🙂 Just live and love your fabulous life. Invite anyone kind in and protect yourself when people try and take you down. 

Just pop in, enjoy the show, don’t let yourself engage in any of the drama (trust me, you can’t argue logic with crazy), then go home and call someone normal. 

Laugh. Eat popcorn. Enjoy the show …

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