The perfect weekend getaway!

Last weekend, I spent some time with my hubby at the Bay Club near San Diego. 

And, as you can see … It didn’t suck! 😘😘        
They did such a fabulous job making us #BayClubHappy.

 They created a weekend I will never forget (but hope to recreate over and over). 

And, from what I hear, this is something you can definitely expect from Bay Club, a members club focused on hospitality, sports, fitness and wellness, and family … 


From picnics and cooking classes …

To live music and private tours …



 Bay Clubs definitely won me over!   


And, how could they not? 


With quotes like this from their site … 

Science tells us that the real source of happiness isn’t material things, but rather good health and great experiences


They certainly know how to deliver. 

With a two hour tennis lessons with Dan (the best instructor ever) and a one hour spin class that almost killed me (I’m told that’s a good thing) … I was a legit recipient of a weekend of health and great experiences. 


So, you are looking for a members club that is the perfect hybrid between a stacked gym, country club, spa resort and upscale shopping center …
Bay Club is your spot!   


And, don’t worry! They are coming to the Los Angeles area very soon! 


This coming weekend has some stiff competition because I had the BEST time last weekend! 


I made lasting friendships (including an obsession with Joey Hodges and the entire Swirl, Demonstate PR, and Bay Clubs teams!),   

Took some time to pamper myself, 


And got treated like a queen (while watching CLUELESS!) 👑👑

I meannnnn we are talking heaven!

So this weekend, for the 4th, consider a pamper day at Bay Club (and invite me!). 😍

After all, shouldn’t everyone live a fabulous life of their dreams?