The Most Important Thing to Remember for 2017

Babes! What have you been up to in this new year? Can you believe half of January has already passed? Surprisingly, this year, I can. 

You see, I learned something about New Years resolutions, and I thought, since most people might feel the same way, I should share it. 

So many times, we find ourselves in a new year, still writing 2016 on everything and barely being present in the moment. 

I’ve started the last few years that way and decided 2017 was going to be different for me. 

I didn’t want a resolution, I wanted a plan. I didn’t want to feel behind, I wanted to be present. 

So, instead of waiting until January 1st to think through my plan for 2017, my man and I did that in mid December. The added effort, to close 2016 well and full of gratitude, gave us the opportunity to get a jumpstart on 2017. 

Instead of thinking, “It’s already here?” I caught myself thinking, “It’s not NYE, yet?”

For some of us, getting present and putting a plan together can be stressful, depressing (because it reminds you of where you are) and overwhelming. 

But it is possible to get out of your current reality and create a successful plan that includes a deadline and strong vision. That takes the ability to think big. So, when my girlfriend, Stuart Brazell of Stuart Says ( invited Rick and I on a fabulous trip to Mexico, I knew the timing was perfect! The gorgeous Bruma resort ( offered to sponsor us on the trip, which was incredibly generous, and I knew it would give us the space to really think about this year with a fresh perspective. 

Sometimes, when you find yourself stuck, getting out of your home, city, or, in this case, country, can help you think through the next steps with new energy. 

Besides, this was my first trip to Mexico, so of course I had to say yes!

The train from Union Square to Olde Station is only 2 hours and so was the rest of the drive over the border. 

We took a route through Tecate which had a wait at the border of about 3 minutes … combined! That’s right. We literally have no wait. 

The road winded through the mountains and was absolutely gorgeous. 

When we arrived, Stuart and I climbed into the adorable sign and snapped a photo for you!

Checking into the hotel was even better. We were greeting with the most amazing virgin Bloody Marys I had ever had!

The views were absolutely epic, as we looked out over the vineyard, which lead to the tasting room and upcoming restaurant. 

If that wasn’t inspiration enough to dream big and create what you want for 2017, the unbelievable resort and rooms did the trick. 

With massive stones that had been placed one by one, the intentionality and beauty was remarkable!

My favorite thing was learning that my new, Mexican friend, Juan Pablo has started this as his first hotel, and had completely nailed it. 

If, when you are dreaming up your future, you feel discouraged, remember that we all start somewhere, and no matter where you are, that is beautiful!

Oh, and by the way, this gorgeous, boutique resort is completely booked up on every weekend leading up to November. Isn’t that amazing? I love seeing people in life just go for it and create such amazing stories with their lives. 

The trip to Bruma in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico would not have been complete without a wine tasting … or five. 

Oh, and I know what you might be thinking, how was I thinking of my future while tasting some of the best wines I’ve ever had and while adding them to my Instagram story (follow me here: 

Well, this girl can do a LOT wigh a glass of wine in her hand! 🍷 Besides, how else do you know what kind of life you want for yourself if you can’t try it on for side every now and then?

Besides, don’t you see that iPad in this picture? See! Proof I did work … poquito. 

Rick and I even made a little time for romance, to celebrate our four years together and three years married!

Beteeen the epic food, which is literally grown in the garden outside. 

To the beautiful restaurants and vineyards we visited 

It truly was one of the best trips of my life. The people, the place … it was magical

When you visit, and I truly hope you do, I hope you have half as much fun as I did!

Oh, and when you do … make sure you slow down those special moments with the ones you love! 

Remember, the most important thing as you step into this beautiful, New Year. Planning for your future is incredibly important, but so is staying present and being grateful for what you already have. 

Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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