The first 48 (hours in New York)

By: Rachel McCord.

There is something in the air here …
The energy, the people …

New York City is a world of it’s on!

My hubby and I had just arrived, and already, we are rejuvenated and filled with energy, excited for the night ahead!

Fortunately, the night didn’t fail to deliver! We attended an awesome Czardom launch event, and hung out with some of the main people who make the entertainment and pop culture world go around.

The event took place at the gorgeous Skylark Hotel just a 5 minute Uber ride from Columbus Circle and Central Park.




It’s hip vibe and exclusivity makes this spot an epic place for one of our Blogger & Social Celeb Gifting Parties (future note to self). I loved it!

I also loved the event sponsors, Arizona Tea and SkinnyGirl!

Especially SkinnyGirl, as I am a serious fan of Bethany Frankel and the brand she developed.


And, let me tell you, as a girl who doesn’t like alcohol, I was thrilled to learn that SkinnyGirl has some sparkling “just add vodka” spritzers. You can sit back, relax and order the Coconut Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade with ease, because I know from experience how incredibly yummy they are!

The night was just a blast!! I mean, you know it’s a legit night when you meet a Grammy Award Winning artist working the door at your party venue!

Meet Hann Cambell, a talented singer and artist developer with a record label in New York. It’s so amazing meeting people who are just rocking it in life and going after the dream!! @Hann – we will be looking out for you on the red carpet!

After an epic party, we shared some cocktails with friends, where we learned all about the history of New York and what makes it such a success seeking city. To hear Robb Report’s Dan Curtis put it:

the coolest part about New York is that everyone is here to create something. Whether it’s art or business, they are creating success.

Just before writing this and catching a few hours of sleep, I had to get down with some good ole’ New York style pizza! Ahhh the life!


Like my outfit? Awww! (I’m blushing!) 🙂

Get the look:
Grab a long black shirt from Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and tie a black sash around the waist for an instant dress. Pair it with some gold and black cut out heels from TopShop, and you are in business!

Until tomorrow, Ladies …. xoxo

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