Success is Meant to be Celebrated

by Kimberly Jackson

Throughout my various careers and through observation of a multitude of interpersonal relationships within our society, I have noticed the need for women to be increasingly more supportive and encouraging to one another. I strongly believe that success for one woman transcends into success for all women.

We live in a culture that promotes competitive mind sets and a “What’s in it for me” attitude, however, it is very rare that some of us dare to shift our mind sets from ‘What’s in it for me?’ to ‘How can I help or serve?’ The true secret of success is discovering each of our own unique talents and creating a unique way of expressing it. For every unique talent that each and every one of us have, there is also someone in the world who needs what you have! There is no one else alive on this planet that can express the talent that you have, yet when we observe some of our fellow Goddesses, discover their unique gift, then exude the courage required to share it with the world, we allow our ego (that ever-present roommate in our mind) to envy, judge, criticize or discourage with negative chatter.

What we must remember is that for every woman in history that has ever fearlessly shattered a record, surpassed a societal ceiling, exemplified leadership or encompassed individualism….. no matter how unconventional or radical it appeared, paved the way for other women to do the same. To BE what we were all uniquely created to be.

When we genuinely celebrate the success and abundance of others, we allow success and abundance to flow effortlessly in our own lives as well. We as women are here not only to be nurturers, wives and mothers, we are here to also evolve as Leaders. And since we were all created to BE leaders, we must always remember that true leaders consciously hold space for the brilliance and success of others!

What we often forget is that true abundance is infinite and there is more than enough for everyone, yet the valve that determines much of what we receive is by how much we give. Human enthusiasm is what creates true abundance.

Remember my sisters, we are all connected. When we celebrate each other we are also celebrating ourselves as well. I am insanely grateful to be connected to all of you, and that in itself is more than enough reason to celebrate.

Till next time, I wish you all the BEST!


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