Star on the Rise: Stori

There are moments when I meet an artist in Hollywood and it reminds me of why I started doing what I do

You know that vibe when you meet someone with passion, a huge heart, epic talent and FAB style?  Well, Model, actor, recording artist and correspondent, Stori (Maurice Ravariere) is that guy!

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I met Stori 2 years ago at one of my events held at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd and I knew there was something super special about him.

We recently ran into each other again at the Maxim 100 event — and we picked up right where we left off!

As I was walking on the carpet, I was stopped by The Hollywood Reporter, and it turned out to be non other than Stori!

We had a fabulous time together and quickly scheduled a follow up happy hour with my hubs, Rick Schirmer.

Since the age of 10, Stori has been in the spotlight. He has attended art schools and a summer conservatory at Juilliard.

A fashion enthusiast, signed model with a bachelor in Business Administration, Stori curates photoshoots, music videos, and events, corresponds for the New York Fashion Week, and works with various publications. We have a definite jack-of-all-trades on our hands!

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It’s refreshing to know that we’re not losing true artistry in such a fixed culture.

Stori aspires to be in the likes of Diddy, Russell Simmons, and JayZ, all of whom have proven success within fashion, music, management, sports, real estate, the list goes on. So in his eyes, the sky is definitely not the limit. Aim for the stars, Stori!

At our recent happy hour, he shared one of his goals with me. Saved as his iPhone screensaver was Forbes Magazine’s “Forbes 30 under 30.” He looked at me and said, “I’m going to be one of them!” My response … #duh.

It is so inspiring to see someone following their dreams with such passion and determination!
fullsizerender_4Photo by Hank West

fullsizerender_5Photo by Matilda Hedblom

Stori’s goal is to set himself apart; leading the pack of the next generation of artists, creating platforms for them to be comfortable enough to be their true creative selves while appreciating the success that will follow.

fullsizerender_3Photo by Stevenson Opoku

fullsizerender_6Photo by Matilda Hedblom


I’ve got my eye on him … and you should too!! Trust me when I say we’ll hear and see much more of this inspiring Stori (hehe, had to!).

Thank you for reading! Lots of love!


Rachel McCord

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