See LA through fresh eyes

By: Rachel McCord.

Maybe it’s the fact the it’s 78 and sunny in LA, but I am in the mood for some gorgeous new shades to match my mood.
When I first moved to LA, I quickly realized that it truly is the city of dreams.

This is the place where passion meets opportunity. It’s up to you to decide if you are going to go for the dream, no turning back.


I’ve spent so much time trying to discover my dream and then feel worthy of achieving it, that I had forgotten how simple it can be. In the words of Nike: Just Do It.

Do not try … do.

So, that’s my plan! Continue to live the red carpet, host/attend awesome parties, follow fashion, and love everyone who comes into my life!


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So tell us your new perspective to follow your dream and live the red carpet! Let us know in your comments below!