Scoop on the town, NYC style!

By: Rachel McCord.

My day began a little late (hey, I’m on west coast time), but it started off with an invite to a tasting event invite for tomorrow and a yummy breakfast in bed, compliments of my love!
We weren’t about to let the rain cramp our style. So, I grabbed my hat (a girl has gotta shield herself from the rain), hailed a cab and headed off to TriBeCa!

When I first made it to the TriBeCa Grill

I just imagined that the owners were really obsessed with Robert De Niro, because I found about fifteen autographed posters from the actor himself!




Well, it wasn’t until our lunch dates showed up that we learned that Robert De Niro is actually one of the owners … Ahh! #NewYork!!

Our lunch was fabulous and the conversation even better. We discussed tons of ideas for an exciting opportunity to help a bunch of ladies live the red carpet and launch The McCord List is a huge way as well. I couldn’t be more excited! I literally smacked myself, versus the usual pinch!

After our yummy lunch, we headed out to catch a ride to the train to go to South Hampton for the night!

But, don’t worry! With an on-camera interview, lunch and event all scheduled for tomorrow, we will be back with more stories before you know it!

What do you want to know about New York? Ask me where to eat, what to do and where to shop, and I will ask the next New Yorker I see!

Are you now in the know? Tell us in your comments below!