Red carpet ready in 8 steps or less!

by: Rachel McCord.

Anyone who knows me can attest that I am a girl meant for sparkles! I am one of those edgy, girly girls, who is not afraid to admit that my favorite color is pink.

So when this EPIC dress by Mac Duggal caught my eye, it was love at first sight!


Since there are few times that I am THIS passionate about something I am wearing, I chose to share some behind-the-scenes snapshots, as I got ready for a night of red carpet fun!


I am all about organizing the goods before getting ready. The difference between 30 minutes to fabulous or two hours is a great plan!


Step one: Get your base on! If you are going for a night on the town (and are expecting a bunch of camera attention), you need consistent, all over coverage. I’m sorry, Ladies, but concealer only on the problem spots isn’t going to hit the spot this time!


Step two: Get inspired!! I love trying new looks! I am always down for new inspiration. Fortunately, I have an incredibly beautiful sister, and she always helps me pull new ideas together! (Thanks Angel!)

You can try checking out your favorite celebs, magazines or blogs for new, trending looks.


Step three: Use a powder base under your eyes. Angel showed me how to use talc powder under my eyes to keep any flyaway colors (from my upcoming eye makeup) from ruining my base.


Step four: It’s all about the eyes (or the lips). Choose your boldness! Will it be lips or the eyes? It can’t be both. Sorry, Ladies! 🙂


You know I chose the eyes!


Step five: Brush on that blush and/or bronzer. Once you brush off that fabulous under eye talc powder, grab your blush brush and work your magic (just not too high on the cheekbones!).

Psst… I’m posting a video next week about contouring, so be sure to check it out!


Step six: Apply that lip balm or gloss, and you are ready for last looks!


Step seven: Now that your makeup is done, fix that hair and then (my favorite part) hop into that dress!!!


Step eight: Choose the shoes!


And you’re off!!

Here’s to a night of glam! Xo

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