Rachel McCord Slay the Fame Game

Here is an excerpt from Slay the Fame Game by Rachel McCord. Your survival guide to Hollywood and social media.
“Oh my gosh you guys, you aren’t in the entertainment business if you haven’t been shoved aside for front row, middle of the photo or a moment with the microphone. 

 This industry is not for the sensitive or deep emos who just want healthy relationships, successful careers and peace and quiet. Of course, that being said, somehow, little ole sensitive me ended up on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California … as a model and media personality. <insert face palm here>

If there is one thing I thought I couldn’t stand, it was narcissism. But, apparently, I can not only stand it (I’m still standing), but I can be surrounded by it on the daily and still love my life!

If you are in this industry but haven’t cried, felt the LOUD, white noise of a girl fight or doubted yourself — at least once a day — hang in there. It will probably start tomorrow …

My first, “oh my gosh, what in the walk of fame am I doing here” moment happened a month after I got here … in 2009. 

Unlike the millions who load up their Honda Civics and drive thousands of miles to move to Hollywood to be the next star, I just moved out here to support my sister, AnnaLynne McCord and be her biggest cheerleader. But I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From day one, I got pulled into magazine covers, red carpets, paparazzi stalking and complete confusion. 

It wasn’t long before I met the wrong guy, got pushed down by those closest to me and realized this industry (whether on social media or in the hot people melting pot of Hollywood) was a little … ahem, much for me. 

Without a strong community of real friends, an insanely thick skin and a belief in something bigger than you, you won’t survive the crazy. It will either suck you up in its insanity, and everyone will suddenly feel so normal … as you stumble into meetings an hour late and laugh when you hear about flaky people in Hollywood. Or you will run back home as quickly as you left, hurrying to close the gaping holes on your heart, wallet and soul. 

I have seen this business from every side. As talent, as a plus one, I’ve even understood it from the perspective of my friends who are publicists, talent managers and agents. What I couldn’t have imagined, after a much needed two year break from Hollywood, was meeting my soulmate, selling my first company and moving back to chopping block. But, this time I knew what I was getting into and I had a game plan. I was going to love the heck outta people in Hollywood who give everything to make it in this industry. 

What I didn’t expect was, by reconnecting with my celeb, influencer and blogger friends, with a brand, The McCord List and a passion to love this industry, I would become a celeb myself and have my modeling career blow up bigger than ever. My press reached over one billion impressions last year alone, with Vogue, DailyMail, Glamour, TMZ, etc, and it hasn’t slowed down. Oh, hi, hair flip!

Sure, I might not be sleeping that much but I’m having the time of my life. I tried a different approach and learned how to truly break into Hollywood and social media without allowing it to break me.   

Do I deal with drama, cry occasionally and trip on a red carpet every now and then? Duh! But, I’ve learned that Hollywood is as much a mental game and emotional game as much as it is a physical one. 

If you take the right steps to protect your heart and don’t get sucked into the haterade and competition, you can actually create a fabulous life and have a ton of fun along the way!


So, if you dream of making it in Hollywood or on social media, let’s go after this craziness together! I got you. 🙂 I will share everything I know, from the inside out. I would’ve given anything to have this book on my first time around in the entertainment industry. But you’ve got me now. 

Don’t waste time or lose heart by missing the advice, scoop and stories in this book that will help you develop a public brand, create a platform, deal with haters and cyberbullies, monetize and literally slay the fame game. 

I honestly believe in this book and it’s ability to truly help you so much, that, if you can’t afford it, please email me at [email protected], and I will send you a digital copy for free. 

This book isn’t just about walking red carpets and looking fab (although, duh, we’ll cover that), this is about living a red carpet life wherever you are. I know I’m not the most famous person in the world, but I have learned a lot in almost 10 years in this industry and I want to pass it on, at the very chance that one thing I say will impact you positively. 

This is a movement about loving yourself, believing you can make it and laughing your way through the inevitable mistakes, rejection and disappointments. Slay the Fame Game and break into Hollywood or the “perfection” of social media, without letting it break you!

Ricky, this one is for you. Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t …