Positive Declaration for TODAY!

by: Rachel McCord 
Good morning!!  Have you said thanks for another day, yet? Thats okay… we can wait. =)
Isn’t it easy to spring out of bed (for some of us) and begin the day without thinking of how incredible it is to wake up to Life? I think Life is meant to be lived with your entire heart. Joyfully and with gratitude. Especially in Southern California, one of the most beautiful places in the world!
If you are not feeling that way now, somewhere in Life, you hit a snag.  A snag could come from anyone close to you, it could have been someone in high school who bullied you, an audition that sucked, or even from you.
It is never too late to begin living your DreamLife in Hollywood, all you need to do is step out in faith towards your dream, and trust the Universe and those around you to support you.
Positive Declaration for March 13: “I am thankful for another day. I know that I am an incredible being full of love, beauty, and inspiration. I choose to live this day as if it were my last day on this planet. I love Life!”
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