Plante-ing A Seed In Fashion

A new year means trying new things. So why not try a new designer! Over the summer of 2013 Rebecca and Leah Plante launched a clothing brand that brings unique designs to a world, where clothing all looks the same. The sisters are based in New York, though they have roots in South Carolina.


The sisters also practice remarkable business ethics. “As nature enthusiasts, we are also committed to eco friendly practices. All of our garments are made locally, in New York City. We reduce waste by abstaining from over cuts, and donating our extra material to educational nonprofits.”



Plante Clothing has simple, yet breath-taking pieces, that are one of a kind. In the new year, I encourage everyone to buy a piece, because not only are you supporting two remarkable sisters, but you will look exceptional.




I was lucky enough to interview them, and see how they got started. Read their encouraging story below.

What inspired you two to start Plante? Did you always want to start a clothing company?

Well, we always loved working together on creative projects. When we were young, we made lots of elaborate paper dolls and books, that sort of thing. As we got older, both of us started becoming more interested in clothing as a creative medium. Leah became very skilled at sewing and clothing construction  during high school, while I started learning about entrepreneurship and fine arts. Once we got the idea to start a clothing line together, we quickly became obsessed with it! Our goal is to someday open our own brick and mortar store where we sell our own line, along with all of our favorite things: antiques, flowers, and clothing from other independent designers.




How does working in New York City compare to your upbringing in Charleston, South Carolina?

It’s got pros and cons. We miss being able to relax on a quiet beach, or enjoy wearing shorts in November. And we’re sad to be away from Charleston whenever we hear about a cool new restaurant or store opening. Seriously, there’s so much happening there right now! But New York, of course, has its charms as well, and both the garment district and the world-class boutiques here have been instrumental in our growth!



What are the benefits of being sisters, and working together? Are there any drawbacks?

We communicate on the same wavelength, and we see eye to eye on almost everything. I can’t imagine working with anyone else! The one drawback I’ve noticed is that we can’t just hang out and be lazy together. There’s no way we can binge-watch a season of Downton Abbey, because there’s always important work to be done! Luckily, it’s work that we both love.


Do you have any accessories or pieces that you wear everyday? Or any closet essentials?

We both love leather shoes and gold jewelry. Both of us collect these amazingly intricate rings from Verameat, which we wear all the time.







How would you describe your signature style?

Understated, feminine, with a focus on special, well made pieces.




The Plante sisters, like many of us, are nature enthusiasts. How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into the company?

For one thing, we use biodegradable, organic materials, mostly silk and cotton. Our garments are made-to-order in NYC, so we end up with minimal overcuts. And, our overarching philosophy opposes the ‘fast fashion’ movement that generates so much waste. Our materials and construction are such that women can wear our styles for years and years. We don’t think clothes should be disposable!







I am in awe of the designs for each piece. How did you come up with such extraordinary designs, in a fashion world where we try to look the same?

We stick to creating wearable, classic styles; dresses, skirts, tops, etc. However, we make each piece unique to Plante by adding unexpected elements, such as bold colorblocking, an original print, or by playing with transparency.






What advice would you give to other young women, whether they are sisters, friends, or solo, on starting a business?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you think you could benefit from seeking out a partner in your business endeavor, it’s worth looking for someone who shares your goals. Having support and encouragement is so important.


Lastly here are some fun speed questions. They can be favorite at the moment or of all time.


Book: Dune

Movie: Mean Girls

Song: For the Longest Time by Billy Joel

Musical Artist: Yeasayer

Dessert: Peach Pie

Place: My bed! 

Accessory: tiny gold seahorse earrings

Our very own Indiah Porter got to try out their fabulous pieces. Take a peek!




Check out their page here!