Our Attitude Determines Our Altitude

by: Kimberly Jackson!
Special Note: Please take the time to read this. It will definitely transform your day… if not your Life!
The only thing we ever have control over is our current thought. How we choose to begin our day, perceive our life experiences, relationships and other people always originate from our thoughts which ultimately shape our beliefs. What I have discovered over the years is that there is incredible power in positive thinking. When we radiate good vibes and strive to maintain a positive outlook on life, our overall satisfaction and quality of life naturally increases.
If everyone truly knew how powerful our thoughts are, they would never think a negative thought again. Some of you may not be aware that choosing our thoughts is actually a conscious choice that we can make at any moment of our day. It is naturally part of being human that we often find ourselves frequently thinking about an experience from the past, or instead, totally allowing ourselves to be consumed with anxiety when we worry about something that we may experience in the future. The challenge lies in our ability to not allow our day to day experiences to create a repetitive pattern of negative thinking. When we choose to allow our thoughts to stay in a negative place, it effects our life in every aspect.
Our daily experiences, health, productivity, relationships with others, and most importantly our relationship with ourselves, are deeply impacted by a negative attitude. So, if you are struggling to transform from a glass half-empty to glass-half full kind of girl, here are some tried and true tips to help you buoy those thoughts from low to high!
1.) Surround yourself with positive people. Just like laughter is contagious, so are Debbie Downers. Frequently take time and re-evaluate your inner circle, because as we all know the saying…miserable loves company. We become like the five people we spend the most time with, so choose wisely!
How do you know if you are in the presence of a negative person? You’ll know after talking or spending time with them, you feel totally drained. Only surround yourself with those who encourage and inspire you. Anyone who provides anything less, you may want to reconsider giving them so much of your precious time and energy 🙂
2.) Use Positive Affirmations, and Use them Alot! A few lovely examples of positive affirmations are: “Today is a great day!” “ I am grateful” ” I trust the process of life” and “I now choose to create my DreamLife“. Just as there is incredible power in our thoughts, there is also tremendous power in our spoken words! If you first believe it then you will surely see it and you will definitely experience at some point as as well.That is just how powerful you are!
3.) Practice Gratitude. This one is a Big One! Start off each day with gratitude, and whenever you begin to feel your mood plummet, just think of all the things in your life that you are thankful for and remember that there are many people in the world who are very happy with far less than what you have! Those who are the most thankful are also the happiest
4.) Help Others. When we involve ourselves in the action of service to others, it instantly lifts our moods. Carrying out an act of kindness for another human being with no expectation in return is always the ultimate mood booster!
5.) Self-Love. The most important of all is Self-Love. When we are fully accepting and unconditionally loving of ourselves, we are more confident and more optimistic. When we realize how awesome we really are, we become less critical of ourselves and ultimately less critical of others as well.
6.) Learn to Meditate. More and more scientific research has revealed that meditation not only provides positive health benefits for those who meditate, studies also show that people who meditate are happier, less stressed and report to have a more optimistic outlook on life. There is tons of information online about meditation, and I know for myself, just 10 minutes of meditation for me in the morning transforms my day to one where I am more consciously aware of what I am thinking. I believe that learning to meditate is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. There is no right or wrong way to meditate and what works for one person may be different for another. What we do know is that meditation has proven to be essential in becoming more consciously aware of our thoughts so that at any given time, we can shift a negative thought into a positive one!
Good vibes are a must these days, not only for our individual personal growth in achieving our DreamLife, but also in our power to encourage those around us to achieve theirs as well. Always remember that a thought is just a thought, and a thought can always be changed. Give this world Good Energy.
Till next time, all the BEST beautiful Ones!

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