New York City + 3 Tips to Rocking Fabulous


I had my own Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) moment in New York City, yesterday. 


I had an amazing meeting with one of my FAVORITE people in Midtown. It was fabulous. 

I heard so my scoop about up and coming music APPs (like radeeus), why everyone can feel fabulous and launch their own makeup tutorial channel for beauty (on Showroom), and who is the next digital mega star. Such fun conversations!

Of course, along the way, I felt a little out of my league and inferior … Then I remembered that I can change my thinking. So….

Here are my 3 tips to rocking fabulous:

  1. Dress comfy fabulous. Yes, there is such a thing. Find something that you feel confident in, which still ready for a day in the city. 
  2.  Wear cute, supportive flats. With all the walking in New York City, you will definitely have some regret if all you bring are 5 inch chunky heels. 
  3. Think thoughts that make you feel good about yourself: 

I feel fabulous!

I can have anything I desire. 

I am a success.  


You’ve got this, Love!

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