My uncomfortable confession …

By: Rachel McCord.

Hi, my name is Rachel McCord and I am codependent.

How is that for an uncomfortable confession before my English Breakfast Tea this morning?

I think it’s important to get honest with ourselves (and others) about who we are and what’s holding us back. How else can we grow into the people we were meant to be?

What’s holding you back from living the red carpet in your life? What does that saying “live the red carpet” mean to you?

I think it’s too easy to dumb ourselves down to make others around us feel better.

How many times have you chosen not to go after that promotion, wear those sexy heels, or walk that red carpet because you didn’t want your friends, love, boss, or colleagues to feel uncomfortable or think less of you?

I am not suggesting we disregard other’s feelings. However, if doing something healthy for you upsets someone around you, maybe it’s time to detach with love and focus on your feelings.

Being co-dependent, I can’t count how many times I have sacrificed something I wanted for the sake of others.

Maybe it’s time we claim our power and live the red carpet for us. This isn’t about hurting anyone, it’s about taking care of ourselves … even if that feels uncomfortable at first.

Live the red carpet” means living your potential in whatever you do, wherever you live, however you look.

Let’s not get so stuck trying to please everyone that we forget to please ourselves. Let’s live the red carpet and love our lives.

Because, as Dr. Seuss says, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. ” That’s right, I just quoted Dr. Seuss. 🙂

So, in the spirit of claiming my power and living the red carpet, I am sharing some photos from the amazing Cameron Cone, highlighting the incredible brand 15love.
I felt like they fit for today’s post because their founder, Nancie Tripodi, describes the line as “Classic styling, impeccably made, and always with a twist of the unexpected.”

Isn’t that the a great way to see ourselves as we learn to claim our power and live the red carpet in life?

I am learning that I am impeccably made and that a touch of unexpected is great!

Plus, let’s be honest, living the red carpet begins long before we throw on those Christian Louboutins. It’s a lifestyle of eating well, taking care of ourselves and feeling like a style goddess … even at the gym (or on Runyon!)


So, what can you do right now to claim your power and live the red carpet? I would love to know in your comments below!