My response to my sister’s article…

by Rachel McCord.

As some of you may have read, my sister released a story in The Cosmopolitan last week about our childhood. In response, I felt it necessary to share my part of the story.

Although we came from very humble beginnings, our parents have loved us so much. Without having much, my dad worked hard to provide for the three of us, and my mom worked hard to raise and homeschool us. The beauty of everything is that it has taught me that the most important things is life are family, love, forgiveness, honesty and a desire for growth.

I wouldn’t change even the smallest part of my story, because it has given me the chance to share my heart with the world and has helped me discover a passion to help ladies live their DreamLife, even when they don’t feel worthy (just like I use to feel).

I love my parents so much and am incredibly thankful to have family in my life who love and support me as I chase my dreams.

My sister, Angel, has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve met. She is the person who will stand behind you and stand up for you no matter what.

My mom is such a beautiful person. She was bullied in high school, lost her father at age seven, and her grandmother (who raised her) at 18. And, although she has been through so much pain in life, she has remained loving, fun and kind-hearted. She makes quite the impression on everyone she meets!

My dad is one of the most vivacious people you will ever meet! He loves and lives from his whole heart, and I love to witness this in my own life. I remember being a child and him letting me hold onto his finger until I let go, before he would leave for work (I’m sure his boss loved that!).

My sister, AnnaLynne, has always been driven in life. She knew what she wanted since she was a child.

No matter where you come from or where you are today, you can still live your DreamLife, and stay connected with your family along the way!

Are you now in the know? Tell us in your comments below!

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    • Heather
    • 3 years

    I am the oldest of tree children. I am the only girl though. We were raised in a religious house, where discipline was usually with a belt while laying over the bed. I was sexualy abused by my step father for 12 years (mom did not know) All three of us have different opinions about our childhood. I believe that my mom did the best that she could and that even though the discipline was a bit harsh, for the most part it was okay. Not considering the abuse of course. My middle brother tells people that we were abused and that our parents were overly religious. My youngest brother doesn’t say much about it. It is so strange how we were all raise in the same house, but have different opinions about what happened. I applaud both you and Annalynne for having the courage to speak out and tell your side of things. I love following you in all your endeavors. Xoxo

    • Sara
    • 3 years

    It’s great to hear you seemed to actually have a great childhood.
    So, you will definitely spank your children?

    • [email protected]
    • Heather
    • 3 years

    Hi Heather!

    Thank you for sharing your story! I completely understand where you are coming from, and am so sorry for what you went through with your step dad. That’s is so sad. I was molested for two years by a ‘family friend’, and for most of my life I felt damaged. It wasn’t until I finally faced it and began to go to therapy and let go of my shame that I started to heal and let go. I still have my moments when pain will try and pull me back in, but I firmly believe that pain comes with purpose, and every time I have an opportunity to share my story to help encourage someone else, it is a moment when a little bit more of my past is redeemed.

    Thank you for trusting me with your story. Keep being amazing and strong! You are loved!

    Xo -Rachel

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