My Dreams Are Coming True – Now What!?

Have you ever stepped out from behind the wheel of a Honda Civic and immediately jumped into the drivers’ seat of a Lamborghini?
Me either. But I feel like that’s what has happened in my life!

Not to diss on a Honda Civic – it was actually my first car (which I put a purple black light in with butterfly seat covers, please don’t ask #confessional) but they don’t exactly hit the ground running.  There is a pretty real moment – or two – when that baby is trying to get to 65 MPH (and everyone is blowing their horns) but there is something stopping it – itself. 

What are you stopping yourself from?

On the contrary, if you drive a Lamborghini, chances are you are going to feel a little nervous about the NON limits on how fast you can go and how quickly you can get to that speed. 

I feel like my life has gone from being a Honda (growing up and as recent as last year) to a limitless Lamborghini.

And, even as I experience it, I am trying to put limits on how fast and far I succeed. 

But that’s what puts us in the slow moving vehicle in the first place – limits.  It doesn’t have anything to do with where you grew up, how you look, how much money you have … It’s all about the limits you put or don’t put on yourself.

Take for example an elephant. During training, he is tied to a leash so he can’t run away. After months of this the trainers remove the ropes but he stays within the confines of where that leash would have permitted him to be. He doesn’t believe that he can go any farther – so he doesn’t even try. 

How can I change my life?

YOU can go farther. In fact, you are capable of anything. I have heard stories of a man being told by doctors that he is going to be paralyzed from the neck down after a severe plane crash but he believed that he would walk away … and know he does. 

I have been through such a colorful past but after years of struggling I finally began to believe that I could have a fabulous life too. 
Let yourself go. Allow the fabulous things that you want to come to you. Just allow (as my favorite author, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer would say). 

Don’t stay stuck by thinking that you don’t deserve. You deserve a fabulous life and so do I! 

So with that, grab a tiara and your best friend and go live that fabulous life that YOU deserve!
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Love you long time!