Mondays Suck …

Mondays can be difficult.

If you are between jobs it’s a quick reminder that you don’t have your gig, yet. 

If you have a gig, it’s a reminder that, well, you have a gig. 

Why do we live for our weekends and just exist during the week? 


What can you do to thrive in your life instead of just surviving?

I think it’s important to find purpose in your life. That might feel hard if you work at a job you hate, go to school with bullies or are struggling to find your way. 

The beauty is that purpose can come in big or small ways … and, I truly believe our purpose lies within what we love the most. 

How fabulous is that?


So, what do you love?

How can you use that to empower those around you (friends and strangers)?

Maybe you love music, why not grab a friend and sing at a coffee shop or on the beach?

Maybe you love talking to others and connecting. Invite a friend over and just listen to what is going on in his or her life. You never know how much impact that can bring!

This picture of Rachel Kanner and I was from a REALLY huge day in my life when I needed some extra support. 

She came over and just stayed with me and literally walked me to the door of a big meeting so I would feel incredibly supported. 

If you need a friend right now, ask yourself first how you can be a friend to someone … the rest will quickly come. 🙂

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Love you SO much! Stay Fab!