Sexy in the city!

By: Rachel McCord.

Okay, I’ve got to tell ya, I am tired! This beautiful city of New York is all about the hustle. I am obsessed with the energy … So obsessed, in fact, that I would love to steal some to make it through my last event for the day …

Do I look as tired as I feel?
Allow me to catch you up…

I am staying with my man’s family, and Uncle Rich (the stereotypical Italian Godfather) offered to drop us at the train station, if we left at 9:30am.

Well, I am the organized type who, when told that, is ready at 9:30am. Not a second after … Or before.

So, when he started doing the NY shout at 9:23am saying that we needed to leave IMMEDIATELY, I was left in a panic, running out of the house with a hot curling iron in one hand and a shoe in the other.

We made it to the train and I snapped a quick selfie with the cute little railroad guy.

Our first stop was a coffee date with the lovely Jade, a PR rockstar who I met at an event on my first night.

We then cabbed it to Soho for a yummy bite at Nepresso, the boutique and restaurant version of the cute little coffee maker that my man and I registered for at our wedding.

We headed over to the Robb Report headquarters to meet with the brains behind the operation, Mr. Daniel “Dan” Curtis.

After picking his brain about the luxury brand he and his father created, he offered me a ridiculously expensive cocktail and shared a toast with me.

Dan is married to the gorgeous designer Katherine Feiner, can we say power couple?

After picking up some tips and an invite to be a guest contributor for Robb Report’s Vices in LA,

we headed out for an exclusive NYC tasting of the yummy Dolcezza.

(Stay tuned for a full review and giveaway on!)

We then popped over to check out Ogo, a NYC based designer with a passion to transform lives and celebrate true beauty (from within). She melted my heart!


Ogo is from Northern England, where she grew up as a “commoner” with an accent she had to grow out of, in order to be accepted by her colleagues in fashion.

What I loved so much about her was her Cinderella story, one that I could totally relate to! She has worked so hard to change her stars and go for the dream. Meeting her was such an inspiration!

Now, you can probably see why I was a little tired. 🙂

What are you doing today to live the red carpet? Let us know in you comments below!

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