Marco Pelusi’s Top 5 Tips to Celebrity Hair

If you are going through a bad hair phase or you want red carpet-worthy locks, go see the charming Marco Pelusi immediately. He is a hair genius from a family of entrepreneurs, which has resulted in his international fame as a hair colorist. He has also won tons of awards, like the City of Hollywood Creative City Award and the John Chase Art & Design Award. Marco even has his own original hair products that are FABULOUS.


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Plus, Marco says his favorite part of working with hair is the connection to other people and he even loves teaching others his tips and tricks to hair that is absolutely to die for.


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Marco Pelusi’s Top 5 Tips to Celebrity Hair

1 Do not shampoo for 48-72 hours after hair color. This helps your color last longer.

2) Get the right shampoo. Only use color safe shampoo.

3) Stay out of the sun. This isn’t as big of a deal for blondes, but staying out of the sun helps avoid fading and oxidation.

4) Wear loose pony tails. Marco especially recommends wearing loose side ponytails.

5) Wash your hair less frequently.


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If you want more amazing help from Marco, visit his site to sign up for a consultation or to shop his fab products!

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