Live the red carpet on the go!

By: Rachel McCord.

As a girl on the go, I honestly wake up sometimes wondering what city/timezone/hotel I am in. It’s craziness!

For example yesterday, my hubby and I were hiking on Runyon, when we called and booked flights to take off for Colorado two hours later. We hopped into an Uber, packed and hurried to LAX.
We barely made our flight, but I am happy to report that I am cozied up in the gorgeous St. Julien hotel in Boulder for the next two days.

Since I travel so much, I am constantly making friends in different cities, attending amazing new events and experiencing life without trying to control it. I love it!

But, my shallow side does have to admit, just like we ladies get a thrill rocking a new outfit, I love traveling even more when I am rolling through the airport with sexy luggage!

That’s why when I found this amazing piece from one of my favorite designers, SuperTrash, I was so beside myself that I had to share!!




Their bag is gorgeous, right?

It’s great too because it’s not that big, so if I have a long day of meetings, I just load it up with all things blogger in Hollywood: laptop, comp cards, change of clothes, heels, mints, water, hair spray, dry shampoo, and hit the road.

The wheels save my back from my bag-lady-overpacking-heaviness! My chiropractor thanks me! Haha!

And, yes, it easily fits in the airline overhead compartments. What? This is important stuff! 🙂

Did we mention the clothes? Sorry Rick (aka sugar daddy wink, wink), but I didn’t stop with the suitcase.

I got all decked out in their gorgeous clothing collection, and had a blast taking photos with one of my favorite photographers, Cameron Cone. He is ridiculously talented. I am not even kidding! Check out this video and you will get goosebumps!

He has shot the Olympics, Kentucky Derby, NFL games … and little ole’ me! :)!! Here, take a peek! 🙂







What do you think? Great clothes, right? Miss Olcay Gulsen (the incredible designer) is not playing around!

So, with my sexy luggage, overalls and jacket from SuperTrash, I live the red carpet, even when I’m on the go!

How do you live the red carpet on the go? Let me know in your comments below!