Live free and rock you!!

One of the most amazing things about life is having the freedom to be YOU! I feel a responsibility to my authentic self that I use this luxury with a heart of gratitude.

Everyone knows that I LOVE to be a random goofball! I may live a red carpet lifestyle, but I don’t think twice about going to Ralph’s grocery with my hair in curlers …

Rocking my sexy Keds high tops on a random walk down Sunset blvd …

Or dancing my butt off when the right song comes on.

I absolutely love my life! And, I am obsessed with my wild side. The side of me that does what I want and lives from the heart.

I love my life and I love that after years of working on myself, I finally feel like dancing … Basically all the time. 🙂


So, it’s your turn! What’s something you can do today to be you and not worry what others think about it? Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comment below!

Let’s live the red carpet in 2015!!

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  • Great pictures, the shade and depth of the photos are breath-taking, they draw you in as though you are a component of the composition.|

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