Lindsey Baruch’s Top 10 List of Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Ever feel like the biggest decision of your day is “where to eat?” I know I do!! Well Lindsey Baruch (@lindseyeatsla) has got you covered! Here are some of her fav places in LA. Check them out this weekend. You won’t be sorry!


Favorite dish:

Son of a Gun: Hush Puppies

“I would have to say my favorite dish at a specific restaurant in LA is the hush puppies at Son of a Gun. They are fried to perfection and served with sweet butter and country ham – you seriously cannot get a better trio. Son of a Gun also has extremely fresh oysters and a fried chicken sandwich that is a MUST.”


Ice Cream: McConnell’s

“There are many LA ice cream eateries but my favorite is McConnell’s and my favorite flavor is salted caramel chip, but really all the flavors are amazing. There is a location in Grand Central Market Downtown and a newly opened one in the valley, but you can find pints at your local stores like Vons or Bristol Farms, but be prepared to dish out $7-9 for a pint, totally worth it!”


Steak: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

“Located on Canon Drive, this steakhouse can sometimes be missed next to all the other steakhouses on the street, but hands down, my favorite steak in Los Angeles. Wolfgang Zwiener worked with Peter Luger, another popular New York steakhouse, for over 40 years and decided to open his own spot with the same concepts as Peter Luger’s. Get the porterhouse, thank me later.”


Bang for your buck eats:

Tatsu Ramen

“It’s not too heavy like regular ramen and at their Melrose location, you can SEE them making your noodles by hand, fresh. The broth is just right also. The whole unison of ingredients at Tatsu has me coming back for more, frequently. I get the bold pork ramen but there are many other options to choose from. Don’t skip a side of fried rice also.”


Mini Kabob

“A lot of times I find myself craving Kabob and the place I love to go is Mini Kabob in Glendale. A mom and pop shop that seats few, but the food they are dishing out is seriously delicious. You can taste the love they have for their food in the meal and all the fixings alongside work perfect together.”


Mainland Poke

“Mainland Poke is the perfect spot for poke because the fish is super fresh and never frozen. It is also not marinated like traditional poke so you can clearly see how fresh the fish is. Traditional poke from Hawaii is the not-so- fresh cuts of fish, which is why they marinade it, but Mainland sauces at the end, so you really see the amazing quality.”


Date Night: Bestia

“This spot is hype, but it definitely lives up to it. You might need to plan your date night in advance because sometimes it’s hard to snag a reservation. The charcuterie plate is switched out frequently for their current cured meats but all the boards are filled with flavor and definitely one of the best charcuterie boards I’ve had in Los Angeles. The bone marrow is also delicious, where you mix in the bone marrow with the spinach pasta – to die for.”


If Bestia doesn’t work…

Same Same Thai

“Wine bar meets Thai food that won’t break the bank. Located in Silverlake, this new spot serves delicious and really good quality Thai food. Get the Tom Kha soup and Crispy Pork Kaprow.”


Quick dinner with friends for the best burger in LA and a beer/wine: Father’s Office

“Father’s Office is known for their Office Burger, a perfect blend of arugula, blue cheese & amp; Gruyere and caramelized onion confit with bacon. Even you non-blue cheese lovers will enjoy this, I promise. Get a side of their frites with the parsley aioli that is seriously, the best aioli I’ve ever had, it’s addicting. Other items at Father’s Office that are worth a try are the steak with bacon butter as well as the roasted beef marrow.”

Note: 21+ to enter. No substitutions or changes.


Sushi: Sugarfish

“Obviously everyone’s heard of Sugarfish, but it has definitely become my staple. It’s perfect because I feel it’s the best price for the quality in difference to other sushi spots around LA. Pro Tip: Get it to go and it will be a little cheaper, and it comes in this adorable white box. Their hand roll bar, Kazu Nori is also pretty affordable, around $23 for 6 hand rolls. Even if you went to a cheap sushi spot, the hand roll prices will be that price, or more. So definitely a winner!”


And how lovely is Lindsey, am I right?!

In addition so good eats advice, we also asked Lindsey some more personal Q’s… not only is she an amazing food critique, she’s also a fabulous human being: 

1) What advice would you have for any aspiring entrepreneurs? Advice for influencers/bloggers/Youtubers/Instagrammers etc?

“Just do it. Just start whatever it is you want to do. Don’t think of any excuses and don’t be insecure about what other people may think. It’s your life and you run it; do what you want even if people try to discourage you, and they will, I promise you that. They are there as a sign to help you grow even stronger. Do everything with an open heart and gratitude. Always stay grounded and appreciate everything and anything. Find the thing that you love the most and chase it, don’t settle for anything. Create content and a life that you love, something that you’re truly passionate about. Be authentic and true to not only yourself, but also everyone.”

2) How do you stay inspired? What keeps you creative? How do you come up with fresh content?

“In terms of food, I stay inspired by binge watching Netflix cooking shows like Chef’s Table or Cutthroat Kitchen. Pinterest is also a huge inspiration for me for recipes! Instagram, obviously! I follow a lot of amazing people that inspire me through their recipes, shots of restaurant dishes and so on. In terms of keeping myself inspired on a daily basis, I try to go to yoga three times a week and this helps me stay balanced, quiets my mind and lets my imagination flow to the highest degree.”

3) How long have you been doing this? What got you started?

“A little over a year! I always had a passion for cooking, food and photography. I decided I wanted to write and opened a blog, I figured I probably should open a new Instagram and then it just took off!”

4) What do you love about what you do? Tell us about what you’re working on.

“I love connecting with other people that share the same passion as me. It’s amazing to talk for hours on end about new restaurants we want to try and what kind of ingredients we are obsessed with! There is just a whole different energy when you’re with people on the same wavelength as you, you feed off of their passion and it just helps you create something even bigger for yourself. It’s also amazing that I get to try a lot of new ingredients from dishes at restaurants that I’ve never had or heard of growing up.”

5) In light of your success, how would you advise other people to achieve their dreams?

“The first step is to finding what you love to do, that’s the hardest part I feel for some people. Once you find that, you’re golden. Roll with it. Every day do one thing, one TINY thing to bring you one step closer to your dream. For example, it can be the slightest thing like making a list of what you’ll do when your dream is achieved. Let’s say your dream is to be a DJ, one little thing you can do is research some software equipment or make a list of songs/artists that inspire you. You also need to release the resistance that your dream can’t be attained and always have a knowing it can be achieved. Doing these little things each day puts your mind in motion of the final product. Manifest and daydream and think about the love you have for your passion and chase it. It’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight but it WILL happen if you stay true to it.”

6) Fun facts:

Zodiac sign/birthday: “Capricorn/ January 13″

Favorite junk food: “Hot Cheetos (lime!)”

The last thing you googled: “Wanted to know how to spell: ‘mise en place’”


Thank you for reading! Be sure to visit Lindsey’s Instagram for updated spots and dishes!


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