LIFE HACKS: How to Grow Your Instagram

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Today, I am sharing some fame hacks for Instagram. If you love social media but struggle to gain more followers, get more likes or get people active on your posts, this is for YOU. Enjoy! =)

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Photo Credit: Britt Barrett
1) HIGH QUALITY IMAGES: Take beautiful, high-quality images with your iPhone or Android camera or professional camera. Avoid reposting from Snapchat.
2) BRIGHTLY LIT IMAGES: Choose images with great lighting. Avoid dark or grainy shots. Natural lighting at dusk is the best!
3) STAY ACTIVE: Stay active and post often. You will notice that most social media influencers post consistently. Either daily or every other day. You will lose fans if you ghost them for awhile. I have no idea how they notice, but they do!
4) EDITING:VSCO CAM has a lot of great editing options, and it’s free. No one hates that! Okayyyyy! You can also use the light pack for Instagram, because statistics say, if you use incorporate the color blue, you will get more likes. To achieve this, go into Instagram editing, and located the COLORS option. Choose which, of the two blues you prefer. After selecting the desired color, you can drag the shading down to just keep a hint of blue. I recommend 25- 35.
5) KEEP IT PERSONAL: Make sure you post personal photos. Your fans want to connect with YOU not just your eggs and bacon. Mix some of your food shots in, but keep it personal with selfies with your friends, outfits of the day (#OOTD), makeup of the day (MOTD), etc. Also, allow your personality to come through!
6) HASHTAGS:First of all, make sure your profile is set to public, for this to work. Hashtags are helpful only if they directly relate to your post. If you are at a special event, tag the location or custom hashtag. Engage with others doing the same. You can always make your selected hashtags part of your interactive caption. For example:
“I had the most amazing time at the #Oscars, with my man! Excited to share my #OOTD by #MichaelCostello and my #MOTD by yours truly! Were you at the #Oscars2017? Tag the personal with the #bestlook!”
That was it isn’t overboard. You can always comment under your post with a couple more hashtags that fit.
7) ENGAGE: Engage and comment on other people’s pictures. Social media is all about BEING SOCIAL. Don’t wait until someone reaches out to you. Be proactive, search out similar pages to your own and offer shout for shouts (S4S). Once they post an image of you and you post an image of them, you both grow! Find big shout out pages and ask them for a little love!  Just check out their bio and follow the instructions for requesting.

Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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