Keep Going … Entrepreneur Advice from a Los Angeles Blogger & CEO

Do you ever just feel tired? 

I know what it feels like when you just want to lie on your couch all day and only move your thumb (Billions or Netflix and Chill? … Decisions, decisions!)

The problem with is that there is a big world out there waiting for us. 

By why do we get so worn out? I think a lot of it can come from feeling like giving up!! It can be hard to launch your dreams, overcome obstacles in your heart to go after that fabulous life. 

So, as I sit, running from place to place, wishing I was curled up with my furry friends, Giggles and Munchkin, I figured I could share some inspiration while resting the bottom half of my body… 🙂

 I started to think of my friends who have launched fabulous companies or projects. I wanted to share some inspiration from them on how they keep feeling fabulous and going (even when it gets hard).

One of the first people to come to mind was the fabulous, Marisa Stewart. She is a Los Angeles based beauty and fashion blogger for The Highheeled Brunette and owner/CEO of Star Candy. 


los angeles fashion bloggers
Fashion Bloggers (Left to Right), Samira “Sami”, Rachel McCord, Marisa Stewart

She launched her own lingerie brand and still manages to rock it on her blog and at blogger and celeb parties in Los Angeles. 

How does she do it? I sat down with her to figure it out!

RM: What made you decide to launch Star Candy Boutique?

 MS:   Star Candy’s story is quite fun. I have always had a love for rhinestones and bling. I used to make custom designs or add bling to things for friends. Everyone was telling me to start a company doing something with rhinestones. The question was what? 

    I always went to the same store downtown to buy supplies for my projects. The owner of the store would press designs onto clothes for me. One day I had a finished design with me but [realized I] forgot to bring a shirt. The store was closing and I did not want to come back the next day so I hurried out to my car and luckily there was a new pair of undies inside. Later in the week I was wearing my blinged out panties and passed by my husband on my way to the shower. His eyes lit up. Right away I knew there was a market for this.

RM: What were some obstacles you faced when launching Star Candy and how did you overcome them?

 MS:   The first and largest obstacle is fear. Putting so much work and money into a new company is very daunting. Just because all of your friends are excited for you does not mean the true public is going to want your item. It was necessary to try and not blow all of my savings on the first product order. I placed my order with my suppliers and had to meet their minimums or my product would not be made. I purchased thousands of Star Candy undies before even one item was sold. The sense of relief was tremendous after I received my first order. 

No one has ever achieved anything worthwhile without some setbacks.
RM: What makes you feel fabulous?

MS: When someone like Rachel McCord whispers in my ear that she’s wearing Star Candy at her birthday party. Just knowing people love my product and the company I’ve worked so hard to build.

RM: What advice can you give to other bloggers and entrepreneurs about launching their lines and pursuing a fabulous life?

 MS:  Network, network, network and a lot of persistence. The one thing I learned at the USC School of Business is there is no such word as “NO”. I always persist and try everything possible to make a dream come true. You really have to get out there and meet people. Networking is how I built my company. I am not related to anyone in the apparel or fashion business, so I had to make those connections on my own. I spent many nights at networking mixers introducing myself to people and making connections. 

    In order to live a fabulous life you must always remember who you are. Upon reaching success many people let it get to their heads. It’s important to remain down-to-earth and realize that you are not better than those that have not reached their peak yet. It is important to be friendly and available. Helping others is always FABulous.

I hope this inspired you to keep going for the dream and launching your fabulous life!

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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

PS – My piggybank wasn’t injured while making this post.  I was gifted prior to posting but I’m sharing it because I curate my list of fabulous things with you. My opinions are too expensive to be bought. 🙂