Inspiration for a red carpet life!

I am so stoked today! I have been working on myself so much for the past two years, I feel like I am finally in a brand new place!!
I realize that while I may have needed the pain of my past for so long, hence why it’s taken me so long to come to this place, I am not judging that about myself. It was all I knew.

Now, I know something better!

I feel life changing and evolving in incredible ways!

I am grateful. I am at peace. I am happy.

I wouldn’t be in this epic place without my incredible husband who has loved me when I couldn’t love myself.

Now, I am ready to love the world out of abundance. I want to share my love and my learnings with everyone I know! I also want to learn from them.

This has been a year of crazy highs and crazy lows, but I have finally learned how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable …

A joyful, fulfilled life!

Happy effin Holidays!! 🙂


I would love to hear what you have learned in 2014. Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comments below!