I’m starting to feel like an adult … and it feels weird!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a break from writing. Call it a sabbatical but I have been feeling so overwhelmed with so much in my life … I needed a break!

I am so sorry if you’ve missed me.  I know I’ve missed YOU!

The time away has given me a much needed change of perspective. It has inspired me to change my course a little. 

There is something about your 20s, you start to feel like an adult. It’s weird. I didn’t feel like an adult a couple years ago, but I do now. 

It doesn’t help that when you are married everyone asks when you are going to have a baby. I got married young but it is almost like people dropped me in the “she’s married so it’s time to pop out a baby” box. 

Well, don’t worry, I’m not sharing news of a mini me growing in my stomach. I am just using this moment to vent about the outside pressure from this phase of my life … supporting the “Am I old?” question of the day! 

Don’t worry, the venting is over now. 

This phase of my life is interesting because I find that part of life is very much like the view when hiking. 

From one spot, you can see a lot of the path behind you but if you keep climbing, keep going, the view completely changes when looking back in the same direction. 

What in your life looks different today than it did a year or two (or five) ago? 

It is crazy right? When you take the moment to breathe and think, you sometimes see things from your past differently than you did at the time it popped up. 

I think the easiest comparison is a breakup. Remember when you thought that pain would never go away? Or you would never get over them? Does it feel like a distant memory now?
Maybe they still haunt you … but hopefully with less intensity. 

When I look back at the frogs I kissed before I met Rick Charming … okay that was incredibly cheesy!

(Now to add to the cheesiness, I have also enclosed a photo from our trip to Carmel last weekend)

Anyway! Back to the frogs … I dated a lot of guys who, at the end of the relationship, made me want to give up on love. 

BUT … had I not left LA when I broke up with the monster ex of mine, I never would have moved to Vegas where I started my first events company, which would have never lead me to hosting the event where I met my husband. 

It’s crazy but true. No matter how painful a season, sometimes it is exactly what we need as a bridge to something beautiful. 

Whatever the case may be, in whatever stage of life you find yourself, time provides perspective. That perspective becomes an example, or case study, for the next time you are struggling. It can remind you that if you give it some time, the problem will look smaller … the road goes on … even when one song has ended. 

Too deep and philosophical? Eek! My apologies, let’s talk about shoes!  Hahah, just kidding! We all know I am a Scorpio, with many sides and layers. I don’t like to limit myself. 🙂 Today, I present a deep layer, tomorrow it might be a fabulous facial I got! Aren’t we all like that?

The best advice I have gotten in the hard phases of my life -like the one I have just been crawling out of -has been that it was a BRIDGE to lead me to the next thing. 

It wasn’t a waste. It is a shift in direction … a new path that I didn’t see before.

Life might take paths different than the one you planned – or the one I did-  but the key is to keep walking. Never stop. Never give up. Keep believing that the next step you take is getting you closer to your heaven. 🙂 

I’m still here. I’m still standing. Sometimes, that’s all you have to celebrate … and that’s more than enough!

I love you always! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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