I’m Freaking Out … Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide (Under $200)

If you, like me are a last minute shopper, who is stressing about those last minute gifts for people who are hard to shop for … I’ve got you covered!

Below is my Last Minute Gift Guide Under $200, for a list of my favorite items from 2015 … 

My hope is to share my honest feedback on gifts that I either use, was gifted with or have besties using all the time, so you can find that perfect, 2015 gift for that special someone in your life!

 green bike, gift guide, under $200 
The first gift on Santa’s list is the Amercano Three Way Women’s City bike. It usually costs $400 but fits in our Last Minute Gift Guide for 2015 because it is on sale for $199! Plus you get shipping and assembly when you ship it to one of Performance Bike’s stores

Let’s be honest right now … I am not a professional biker AT ALL. But, I love to go all over LA and I need something to help me make it up the hills. 

I mean, let’s not get crazy … I’m not talking about the Hollywood Hills. I’m talking about Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.  Trust me, it doesn’t seem like it has crazy hills until you are on a bike! Then, all the sudden, it might as well be Mount Everest. 

The problem is that I usually grab bikes with a million valves and never use any of them. Fortunately, this is a simple 3-speed which is perfect for me! 

 bike, inexpensive, cute 
I get an extra bump of confidence without needing to read a 40-page owners manual. 

They have it in Sage (pictured above). Super cute! I also have a beach cruiser that my hubby bought for me but I embarrassingly had to walk that one up Fairfax once because it doesn’t have the different speeds to tackle the hills. 

 affordable gift 2016 

The next item on my Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for under $200 is a pair of Uggs! My hubby bought me some and I promise you, I wear them everyday!

 black sparkly ugg slippers  
gift ideas for her  what to buy christmas, valentines day, birthday 
While mine are only available here. If you want to get the free overnight shipping, you should check out the other styles on UggAustralia.com for her. 

Rachel Zoe, one of my favorite designers did a collection with Ugg. You can find those looks here. To help you narrow it down, I chose my favorite here

 rachel zoe ugg   
cute ugg boots   inexpensive gift wife 
Another fabulous gift to consider is a new sweater! I am obsessed with Woven Heart. You can order their looks on Nordstrom and ship them right to your love. 

Based in Manhatten Beach, California, I love supporting this small business with an eye for affordable, comfy fashion. 

 what to buy valentines day  
buy last minute christmas  
This look, the Intarsia Cardigan, is priced down right now from $58 to $34.90 while their Diamond Pattern Hooded Cardigan is only $29.90 (priced down from $48). 

 gift for her christmas 2016  
valentines day 2016 for herThe last gift on my Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide is by Tarte Cosmetics. Check out the Tartelette  in Bloom Clay Palette

Priced at $45, it is an affordable showstopper for any fabulous lady with a passion for beauty and makeup products. 

 eye makeup angela lanter  
eye shadow palette tarte cosmetics Although I don’t own it … yet (hint, hint, Ricky), I love their products and am OBSESSED with this palette. There is something really great about a little shimmer eyeshadow to really bring an extra little sparkle. Plus, it is only $45 so it is a beautiful present for that fabulous special someone in your life!!

 val mercado 
Okay, that is all for today! I hope you loved looking at my Christmas Wish List for some last minute gift ideas for that special someone. And, if unlike me, you are just incredibly ahead of the game … These gifts would certainly make perfect Valentines Day presents. #justsayin!

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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

PS – My piggybank wasn’t injured while making this post.  I was gifted prior to posting but I’m sharing it because I curate my list of fabulous things with you. My opinions are too expensive to be bought. 🙂