I Need Help … I Want To Improve My Life

What if everything you believed about your life was wrong?

Scary thought isn’t it? 

What if you didn’t get fired from that job, what if you believed you would fail so you began to self-sabotage?

What if your boyfriend didn’t break up with you because you were jealous, what if he left because you pushed him away thinking you were undeserving of him or love?

(Did I just hear you gasp?)

Here’s the deal, if your life is not fabulous RIGHT now, it is because somewhere deep down (in places we don’t talk about), you believe you are unworthy, feel uncomfortable or guilty over success or you do not believe you are truly adequate. 

The truth is … you are. You are an amazing person destined to have the fabulous life of your dream. You can change your life if you change the beliefs around what your life can look like.  

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