I need a ME day!

By: Rachel McCord.

Have you ever felt like you needed a break from everything? The auditions, the stress … even the dramatic reality shows? (I know, Andy Cohen just gasped!).

I’m feeling that way today. With all the traveling, talking, working, pitching, writing, styling, tweeting … sometimes, my thumbs just need a rest. So, I decided to take a much needed ME day.

So, I grabbed my Tom Clancy novel and some good ole Panama Jack and called it!
But, let’s be real … I maybe having a ME day (no makeup), but I’m still going to share my style picks for a chill day by the pool!


Rocking a Forever 21 cover up with some Zara sandals and Prada shades (my favs!), I felt glamorous even while I was being chill.

Now, for what lies beneath…


I opted for a mismatch combination of VODA black bottoms and a CIA MARITIMA leopard top.

To pull it all together, I grabbed my favorite Good Works inspirational bracelet and some vintage rings!

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Are you now in the know? Tell us in your comments below!