I got the gig… Now what??

By: Rachel McCord.

Isn’t it weird how it can feel so comfortable to hustle and work to get someone to take notice? You know, it’s audition after audition, post after post, call after call… But then something amazing happens… Someone actually notices!

What!? Craziness ensues. All the sudden they want to meet you, bring you in for a callback or book you for a job. Suddenly, we feel like a fraud. Our nerves kick in and we think, “Really? Me?”.
Girl, I get it! I feel like the queen of work hard not smart. I am always going the extra mile on everything. At our launch party for The McCord List, I spent six hours on our table! That’s right! Six!

Next thing you know, Extra wanted to interview me and again I was like, “What? Are we serious right now?”.


And then another news outlet…

I was in disbelief!

But, as I continue work to accomplish my goals, I realize my worth.

I don’t mean that in a haughty way. No, not at all. I just mean that I now realize the value I bring to the people around me. And, I want to celebrate that. I think you should too!

So, the next time you have a second meeting, take a moment before you walk in to remind yourself, “I belong here”.

Now go break a leg! 🙂


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