How to quit smoking & stay healthy sexy!

I just did a shoot for a fabulous friend of mine, Monica Ord, who started a company to solve a huge problem: how to quit smoking

… By encouraging them to smoke the right thing. 

After meeting at the GBK Gifting Suite in Los Angeles, we become fast friends!

Both on a mission to help other live more fabulous lives, I excitedly listened when she shared the major reason why smokers can’t quit: it is a full body habit. 

She solves that by helping them “smoke” with a vapor free of chemicals. #genius! 

Citizen Ecig is one of the most successful companies out there to help people quit!

How does this non-smoker help the movement? I took to my rooftop pool for some swimsuit shots to show some love for  Citizen Ecig. Haha!!

how to quit smokingAs an entrepreneur myself, I love supporting other entrepreneurs (especially women!). 


how to quit smoking  

So send me info on your passion and I will send YOU some love too!how to quit smoking 

I know you aren’t used to seeing a cig in my hand (I don’t smoke) but the fabulous thing is that THIS e-cig could be the reason someone you care about doesn’t get cancer one day. 

Umm sign me up!! Check them out online or on Instagram (my second home) for more info and sexy photos! 

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Love you long time!

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