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 Lori-Ann Marchese, 29, is a fitness consultant/trainer and fitness cover model residing in Berlin, Connecticut. 

She is the owner of Body Construct LLC, a fitness facility where she trains women, and she recently launched her own line of Body Construct Nutrition Supplements. 

Her message is that through exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude, women can achieve their goals.

    Best advice for women to shed a few pounds?

The best advice for women who want to shed a few pounds in a few months would be to start eating clean and focus workouts on cardio and weight mix. A few tips are to drink a lot of water (1 gallon per day is recommended) and keep foods natural and fresh. A great tip is to stay on the outside of the grocery store.The middle is where all the canned and packaged food are. Other helpful tips are to record weight, take pictures of your progress weekly , take measurements in,in order to use as a key to your motivation for improvement, and have a healthy sleep schedule. 


In your opinion, what is the most important, restricting to a solid diet of eating clean or intense working out? 

Many people think working out gives you 100% results. The truth is 80% is how you eat and 20% is working out, which means healthy eating plans are extremely important in order to get results.  Many people workout all the time, 6 days a week and see little change or no change at all. The reason being? It is when a person’s eating plan is not controlled. When you want to see changes, fresh food and water is key for great results. When on a healthy eating plan, having “cheats” such as choices that are not so healthy,  are limited to once per week. 

Do you believe in detox remedies?

There are many detox remedies out there. The one I feel works best is always going the natural way, which is by making one in your own kitchen versus buying a pill , box or packaged method. Surprisingly, the best type of detox, is to simply drink water. To add a twist to the water, a great, natural recipe for a detox remedy is to put grapefruit, lemon, mint, cucumber and lime in water. Infuse all these ingredients by letting it sit for 2-3 hours in the fridge .Grapefruit helps support clear, healthy skin, helps burn fat and absorbs and reduces  starch and sugar levels in body. Lemon helps with digestion and helps the formation of wrinkles and acne. Mint helps lower sodium intake. Cucumber helps your skin and hair stay healthy, and rehydrates body and replenishes it with daily vitamins. Lime folates the skin and helps lower cholesterol. 

                 How do you maintain your bod?

First for for most, clean eating counts for 80% and good workout regimen ,every week is key in maintaining an outstanding body. With my workouts that are 3-4 times a week , I target my workouts to all parts of the body using cardio and strength training.  However, in order to get and maintain the body, clean eating must be controlled . Always stick to natural and low sodium food and always drink water. First in the morning, I make myself a Body Construct Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake. This recipe calls for 1 scope  Body Construct Birthday Cake Batter/ Vanilla Pudding protein powder, 1 tablespoon of unsalted , all-natural peanut butter and 1 cup of frozen mixed berries. Add ice and water and then blend. Immediately following every great workout, within 30 minutes, I enjoy a post workout (Body Construct) shake to help my body stay lean, build healthy muscle, repair and recover and burn fat. The more healthy muscle you build, the more fat is burned, even on days without workout. The post workout Body Construct shake contains 1 scoop of Body Construct Protein (Peanut Butter Cup, Vanilla Pudding, Chocolate Cake Batter, Cookie-N-Cream, Strawberry Shortcake), ½ a banana and 2 scoops of  Body Construct Unflavored BCAA. Add water, ice and blend. 


Lastly, how important is protein, and what is the best source of protein to intake while trying to lose weight?

Protein is very important because it builds, maintains and replaces tissues in the body. The best source of protein to intake while trying to lose weight  is chicken, fish, lean beef, beans and lean protein shakes. It is recommended to eat protein every 2-3 hours along with a healthy carb, such as rice or sweet potatoes.  

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