How To Become a Model in a Small Town

So many fabulous ladies reach out to me on social media for advice on how to make it as a model or actor in Hollywood. 

First of all, it’s a huge honor to be asked, and secondly, I genuinely want everyone to feel deserving of an incredible life. So, I am so happy to help! Keep the questions coming …
This message was from model, Marisa Craven of Cleveland, Ohio:


 She writes:

Hi Rachel!! I’m a huge fan of you and AnnaLynne [McCord]. I’m 15 years old and from a city near Cleveland, Ohio. I was wondering if you had any advice on making into the modeling industry considering there isn’t much business near me. 


If you, like Marisa, live in a small town without access to major modeling or acting jobs, it’s easy to feel frustrated.  

Don’t worry, there are ways to be creative and launch your dreams. 

  1. Grow your social media following. People will be BEGGING you to photograph and post your images once you have a big following. 
  2. Contact small boutique fashion stores. You can reach out directly and offer to do photo shoots for them for a small fee. 
  3. Collaborate with an event planner to produce your own fashion show. Who says you need to sit around waiting to be hired? Go after it! Find an event planner and put together a proposal for a fashion show with co-op sponsorship opportunities for brands to get behind you. 

It’s so awesome to go after your dreams … and, the payoff is incredible!

If you need help let me know! XO

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