How do I live a fabulous life!?!

Sometimes I have to ask myself:

Who is this girl?

I’ve spent sooooo many years of my life feeling like either a plus one or unworthy of the good in my life.

I was lost and insecure, looking to incredible women for inspiration. 

Now that I am living this fabulous life, I am literally shocked that I am the same person. 

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I feel like I should be singing I’m still “Jenny from the Block”. 

So what changed? 

Gosh! I wish I could give you a business plan and say this is what works and this is what doesn’t. 

As a “Type A” personality, I kept thinking I would figure out a secret formula to life and it would change everything. 

The truth is it doesn’t work like that … At least it didn’t for me. All I had to do was get out of my own way. 

Basically, I had to take a hard look at my life and realize that I was actually blocking a lot of good by having a negative attitude, expecting the worst and saying no to good stuff (because it made me feel uncomfortable).

 Once I was honest with myself, and changed the way I was looking at my world, things changed.

I stopped hanging out with people who put me down and I found amazing friends who love and support me. 

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I got out of a relationship where I felt used in and I met my soulmate. 

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I did the difficult things like having honest conversations in therapy, opening up in support groups and being raw. 

Suddenly, people began opening up about similar stuggles and I realized that I could actually help others by sharing my story and supporting them in their lives. 

Now, Munchkin and I speak to homeless and at-risk teens about overcoming obstacles and living a fabulous life. 

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It won’t happen overnight but soon life can change. It’s never too late. 

Just don’t wait. You deserve all the fabulous things in the world. You are beautiful, talented and have incredibly purpose on your life!

And, if anyone says otherwise, it’s time to hair flip your way out of there … Okayyyy!?! ??
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Love you long time!

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