Happy Friday!! What would you like to attract today?

by: Rachel McCord
My heart is heavy right now. I want so much for The McCord List. I want to help millions of girls to live their DreamLife in Hollywood. The scary part is that I do not know if I am truly capable of all I want to do. How can I be worthy of such an incredible task? I feel like I need help. I need champions around me who know better than I do. Girls and women who can share their experiences. People who can guide me on a path I have never been before.  I can only share what I have learned. There is so much more I need to learn, so I can share more with you. How can I get there?
I believe the beauty is in community. There are so many things that I could never do alone, but together we are capable. As a community, all is possible. We can evolve.
How can we do that? How can we support each other to accomplish our dreams? In Life, we have an incredible ability to attract the things we believe. We attract who we are. I believe if I help others, I will attract those willing and ready to help.
What would you like to attract today?

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