Going for your dream is scary!! I just wrote “Slay the Fame Game,” and I’m so nervous!

Yesterday was a CRAZY DAY for me, y’all!

I am finishing my first book and I couldn’t be more excited, nervous, scared, insecure, happy and nostalgic about it!

This has been such an insane journey of the ❤️! When I moved to Hollywood from Georgia, I didn’t have anyone rooting for me (except my beautiful mom back home). I have always been the person supporting everyone else, so I never really tried to “go for it” out here, until I met my husband. 

Being able to work my own brand has taught me what so many deal with in Hollywood and on social media. There is so much insecurity, self doubt, embarrassing moments, haters and fear. I decided someone needed to encourage those pursuing their dreams to be #actors, #models, #socialmediainfluencers, #stylists, etc that they were not alone. That I get it. It’s a weird, scary journey, and no one should go at it alone! 

My dream is to remind every fabulous “fame-ista” that she is amazing and deserves all the success in the world! As someone who went from an old brand in Hollywood as a “plus one” to receiving over 1 billion in press impressions in 12 months, I realized there were things you could do to leverage your brand and accomplish your dreams! 

I am sharing all my secrets, embarrassing stories and strong opinions in Slay the Fame Game. I’m here for you if you want to break into Hollywood or social media WITHOUT it breaking YOU! 

I’m doing the formal release on May 1st (ahhhh) but last night, I was on a date with my man feeling a little overwhelmed, excited but nervous when I got my FIRST PREORDER!!! 

I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement. I can’t believe I am so close to the finish line! You guys have been so amazing and supportive. I really hope this book guides you on your journey to be the best actress, model, social media influencer, stylist, makeup artist, etc, that you can be!! 

If you would like to preorder one of the first copies … and get an authographed copy form little ole me, check out: www.slaythefamegame.com. Yay!

Thank you so much for reading! If you don’t mind sharing on your social, that would mean the world to me!!!! I love you! Rachel