Fashion that gives back!

By: Rachel McCord.

I know, I know, I’m a bleeding heart. It’s obvious in all that I do …

Relationships come first

I cry when I see homeless people

I would give my last dime to help someone in need

So, you can imagine when I hear about an organization or opportunity that gives back, my heart is IN!

When I discovered Headbands of Hope, and heard what they are doing to help young girls, I was over the moon excited to feature them.

For every headband purchased, they give one to a girl with cancer and donate $$ to childhood cancer research.

How amazing is that?
The purpose of Headbands of Hope is to help these beautiful girls keep their feminine identity and be reminded that they are not alone. It is designed to bring hope.

Now, every time I rock my gorgeous headband from this amazing organization, my heart is connected to each and every one of these beautiful young girls fighting for their lives and being encouraged with hope by Headbands of Hope.






For more information, check out this video or pickup your own headband here.

How can you help someone live the red carpet today? Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comments below!